Bigger Body & Body Positive Yoga

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24/7 Yoga & Lifestyle Studio Sorrento believe that Yoga should be for everyone so we are pleased to announce that we are introducing Bigger Body Yoga commencing on Sunday 2nd of April at 9:30am.

We are a body loving, non judgemental accepting space where you can feel comfortable to be you without feeling anxious or intimidated. There is absolutely no body shaming here, just wear something comfy and be who you are in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.

Our Instructor Mel, will take you through a gentle, restorative practice to introduce the ideas of self-compassion, self-care and self appreciation. The class will focus on breath partnered with gentle movement, giving you the overall experience of Yoga. Yoga strengthens and stretches the entire body, improves balance and focus and helps reduce stress and anxiety. With the added bonus of leaving class feeling fantastic!

This class isn’t just for the plus size and curvy, it’s designed for anyone who has been too intimidated to step into a mainstream Yoga class.

Call the Studio on 0447 193 425 we’d love to hear from you, or visit for more information or to book.

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