New Beginners Course

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When you first start out doing Yoga all of the breathing, stretching, aligning and moving can be a little intimidating and foreign so we’ve designed a Beginners course that will give you the confidence to step into any of our regular classes.  Our Beginners classes start from the very beginning, teaching you all about breathe control, whilst guiding you through the poses and alignment cues. Our Teachers will take you through the elements of Yoga, taking their time to guide you and will be very precise with explanations so that you have a greater understanding when you have completed the course.  Now whilst that all sounds very nice it’s not going to be easy! Yoga has an emphasis on building strength in the body so you are guaranteed to discover muscles you never knew you had before, Yoga has a powerful way of subtly working every inch of your body externally and internally; this is the power of Yoga! Our classes provide a safe and supportive environment in our beautiful studio for you to build up your confidence and strength and hopefully make Yoga part of your life.

Our next Course starts on Wednesday 26th of April at 7:30pm to 8:30pm. To ensure each Student has the best experience possible, numbers are limited so bookings are essential.  The Cost is $96.00 for the 6 week course, to make a booking click “Book Online” at the top right hand corner of our homepage.


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